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International Visitors Arrivals - January 2024

1. January 2024 highlights

  • Total arrivals by air in January 2024 stood at 7,602.
  • Residents arrival makes up 18% and visitor arrivals make up 82% of the total arrivals by air.
  • Holiday visitors represent 76% of all air arrivals.
  • Visitors residing in Australia recorded the highest percent at 52% of all air arrivals.
  • The average length of stay for visitors is 16 days.
  • The average age of visitors is 38 Years. 
  • Day visitors at 52,901 in January 2024
  • Total departures stood at 10,477 in January 2024. Residents represents 15% of all departure and visitor’s departure with 85%.

2. Overview

  • The total international arrival stood at 59,162 in which the total visitor’s arrivals by air is 6,256. The decrease was attributed to a decrease in the number of air arrivals for holiday purposes by 16% when compared to the previous month.
  •  There were 15 cruise ships in Vanuatu in January 2024 carrying a total of 52,901 day visitors and 5 are visitor arrivals by yacht which makes up a total of 89% of visitors arriving by sea in January 2024. 

3. Purpose of visit

  • Holiday visitors made up 76% of all international visitor arrivals to Vanuatu; followed by Visiting Other, Education and Sports at 12%, Friends and relatives at 10%, Business meetings or conferences at 2% and stop-over visitors at less than 1%.

4. Country of usual residence (for visitors arriving by air)

  •  Australian visitors accounted for 52% of all international visitors by air followed by Europe at 18%, New Caledonia and New Zealand at 7% each, Other Pacific Countries at 5%, China at 4%, North America and Other Countries at 3% each and Japan at 1%.

5. Average intended length of stay (for visitors arriving by air)

  • International visitors by air spent an average of 16 days in Vanuatu. Visitors to Port Vila spent an average of 9 days and Luganville with 23 days.

6. Average age of visitors (for visitors arriving by air)

  • The average age for visitors travelling by air is 38years old.
  • This represents 32% of all visitors arriving to Vanuatu within the age group of 30 - 49 years old and also 32% within the age group of 50+ years old.

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Data Source and Revisions

All International arrival by air provided in this report is sourced from the passenger processing modules within ASYCUDA World system from the Department of Customs and the Migration Information Data Analysis System (MIDAS) from the department of immigration through International Organization for Migration (IOM). Cruise ship figures are also supplied by the Department of Customs through the Passenger processing module.

The Vanuatu Bureau of Statistics is releasing monthly provisional international visitor arrivals highlighted in the tables from January 2019 onwards. This will allow for anomalies and consistency checks with the Department of Customs and Inland Revenue (DCIR) before release of actual figures in Quarterly or Annual Statistical Indicator report.

Next Update (Monthly) : February 2024


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