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Image Credits & Copyright

General Information

This page provides information about the images used on the Vanuatu Bureau of Statistics (VBoS) website. We are committed to respecting the intellectual property rights of others and ensuring proper attribution for all images.

  • Freely licensed under Creative Commons or similar licenses.
  • Obtained with permission from the copyright holder.
  • Listed below with specific attribution.

Specific Image Attributions

  • Home Page > Slide 3: © Graham Crumb/Wikimedia Commons/2015 - Cyclone Pam, which rolled through the Pacific in March 2015, wrought havoc upon all the countries it touched, especially Vanuatu.

How to Find Image Information

  • Look for the image caption or alt text. These often include the source and copyright information for the image, including the name of the photographer or creator whenever possible.
  • If the information is not readily available with the image, you can search for the image on our website using a descriptive term. The context of the image on the page might provide clues about its source.

For Inquiries about Specific Images

  • We strive to provide proper attribution for all images used on our website.
  • If you cannot find the copyright information for a specific image or require a more detailed list of attributions, please contact us using the information on our Contact Us page. We'll be happy to assist you.

Copyright Permissions

If you are interested in using an image from our website, please contact us. We will be happy to provide information about the copyright status of the image and any potential usage permissions.


  • While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the image copyright information, we cannot guarantee it is always completely error-free.
  • If you believe we have used an image in a way that infringes on your copyright, please contact us immediately so we can resolve the issue.

Thank you for your understanding.

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